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Introduction to Rigid Heddle Weaving
Introduction to Rigid Heddle WeavingIntroduction to Rigid Heddle Weaving

Introduction to Rigid Heddle Weaving

Learn to weave on a rigid heddle loom!


First course in using a Rigid Heddle Loom to get you started with planning a project, warping your loom, weaving your first project and finishing your project.

Two sessions, one 4 hour class followed by one 2 hour class

Skills learned:

  • Direct warp

  • Plan your project

  • Wind the warp onto the back beam

  • Thread the heddle

  • Tie onto front beam

  • Fill your shuttle

  • Weave your scarf

  • Basic Off-Loom Finishing techniques

Materials list:

  • Rigid Heddle Loom with its table clamps in good working condition – recommended width 8” or wider. Should be assembled and ready to use. We recommend the Cricket Loom, available at the shop.

  • Shuttle (included with Cricket Loom)

  • 8 Dent heddle included with the Cricket Loom (7.5 dent will also be fine.)

  • Warp yarn - Worsted weight yarn (Non superwash recommended for warp) at least 250 yards (this can be variegated or solid color). Recommended: Shepherds Wool, Noro Silk Garden.

  • Weft yarn - Worsted weight yarn of same or different complimentary color than warp, at least 250 yards (Recommended to have it the same type of yarn i.e. non super wash)

  • Tapestry needles: (short for hem stitching and 5” for repairs off the loom)

  • Warping peg (Included with the Cricket Loom)

  • Threading or heddle hook: used to pull the yarn through the slots and holes in the reed. (Included with Cricket Loom)

  • Scissors: (One that can cut paper and small scissors for yarn)

  • Paper bags (for winding on the warping beam) 3 recommended

  • Paper towel center tube or wrapping paper tube centers (2) - recommended at least 10 inches in length

  • Pencil and eraser to mark heddle

  • Measuring tape

  • T-pins or coiless pins

  • Waste yarn (worsted weight color safe acrylic or mercerized cotton works great)

  • Notebook - to keep track of your project details and progress.

Optional Supplies :

  • Yarn swift and ball winder

  • Hair Pick or Wide tooth Comb

  • Empty Pill Bottle and coins that will fit in the pill bottle for weight

Class fees are not refundable unless the class is canceled by the shop. If cancellation is made outside of 72 hours of class start time, you will be provided with a store credit for use for any future purchase with the shop. Unless otherwise indicated, our classes are for adults only. Your registration is valid for the dates listed in the description and may not be transferred to other class dates.

We offer a full refund within 30 days on any full priced yarn, bag or clothing item in original condition with receipt. Wound yarn or yarn smelling of smoke or containing pet hair may not be returned. Unfortunately, there are no returns on gift cards, needles, notions, books, patterns or discounted yarns.